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Our Straw
Icicle straw is an award-winning design. It is a smart alternative to single-use disposable drinking straw.  

Small Change, Big Difference

A total of 500 million disposable straws are produced every single day in U.S. alone. These straws will end up in the oceans and poisoning the marine life. Switching to reusable straw may be is just a small step, but it certainly has a bit impact on the environment.

Food Grade Material - Icicle straw is made of Tritan which is 100% recyclable, FDA approved, non-toxic, BPA & BPS-free.

Easy to clean and dry - There are variety of reusable straws available in the market such as metallic, bamboo, glass, silicone, but they all share one disadvantage – inconvenience and uneasiness in cleaning. Icicle straw comes apart easily for thorough cleaning and drying.

NO CLEANING BRUSH NEEDED. This is such a huge benefit because you can ensure the straw is free of mould, bacteria and residue.

Easy to assemble - Just simply snap the parts together to enjoy beverages.

Dishwasher safe – Ideal for café, bar and restaurant use.

Fun to play with – Icicle straw comes in 3 colours at the moment: white, pink and blue. The different colour halves are interchangeable when the straws come apart, creating a multi-colour icicle straw.

Durable – Icicle straw can last for 5 years or more of continued daily use!

Temperature resistance – -10°C to 70°C (recommended)

Hygienic concern has been a major concern of

traditional reusable straw.

The biggest worry with all traditional reusable straw is getting them actually clean and dry. The tiny opening and long sealed tube is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Icicle straw is designed to solve this problem. None of the existing reusable straw is comparable with icicle straw on its ease of cleaning.

Governments, corporations and restaurant are implementing bans on disposable straws and forcing the use of alternatives. The public needs a well-designed straw that they are comfortable with when enjoying beverages, a straw that can be available in the restaurant or cafe just like any other cutlery.

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