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The first award winning slide-apart straw

Disposable drinking straw has a very short lifespan before we toss it away. However, a straw takes at least 500 years to decompose. Single-used straws will end up in the oceans and poisoning marine life, causing huge damage to the environment and affecting our health. Shifting to reusable straws will definitely make a difference.


Hygienic concern has been a major problem of traditional reusable straw, including straws that are made from glass, stainless steel and bamboo. The tiny opening and long sealed tube is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. The biggest worry with these traditional reusable straws is getting them actually clean and dry. We needs a well-designed reusable straw that they are comfortable with when enjoying beverages, a straw that can be available in the restaurant or café just like any other cutlery.

ICICLE 04.jpg
ICICLE 02.jpg
How to use

Icicle straw is designed to solve the hygienic problem of traditional reusable straws. It has a revolutionary design that can slide-apart for easy cleaning with complete internal access, you can toss it into the dishwasher or wash it by hand, no extra cleaning tool is required. After cleaning, just simply snap the parts together to sip and enjoy beverages!


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